The Maker

The Maker made things, made a lot of things (hence the name). More specifically he made Robots. The Maker’s own Planet was dying and his other kind were doing nothing about it, seeing the inevitable destruction the Maker made his escape.

Tired of being ignored by his own people the maker had decided to leave his home world and make a new life elsewhere in the galaxy.

He assembled his ship and made plans to get off the planet before it became impossible because of what he feared would happen.. the ultimate destruction of the planet.

His warnings had been brushed off as crazy ideas or anti-establishment rambling for a long time, and his people’s terms a long time is really a REALLY long time, as their species live a particularly lengthy life, (it is believed to be due to either the extraordinarily long orbit of their planet around it’s sun or their extremely low blood pressure, either way they live for AGES.)

After crash-landing on the Monster’s Planet he made himself a home, and because he was alone, facing a planet populated by Monsters, he created a Robot companion, then couldn’t help but make a few more.

The Maker created the Robots with a belief that they would help him, and also help maintain and improve the environment of the Monsters. and provide some form of order and structure for the world. It went horribly wrong once the Maker enabled the Robots to make other units, then the Robots rejected their Maker as they felt he served no purpose.

The Robots continued to build and evolve their own civilisation, the same chip has been passed from CPU to CPU and it has become outdated and damaged causing the robots to behave more erratically and harm the Creatures they were originally designed to co-habit with. So The Maker has become increasing weary and fearful of his own creation.

The Maker now lives a solitary existence hiding in self-imposed exile. He did however once save a small Biguana monster from the jaws of a Blind Polar Dog and made him a Robot tail to replace his half eaten one knowing that for Biguanas balance is very important to their survival.

The Maker feels responsible for The Robots behaving in a horrible way but fears he can no longer control them.

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