Achievement Awards


You get this award for completing a level. Get the astromaggot flying, and have at least one stompy on its back. Simple.


If you can complete the level quickly – finish in less than the par time – you will gain this award.


You get this award for rescuing all of the stompies in a level and you must finish within the par time. After all, no one should be left behind!


Smash all of the Robots’ buildings and get out within the par time to gain this achievement.


If you can save all of the stompies without anyone getting hurt, you will gain this award. You don’t have to finish within the par time – take as long as you like.


This award is all about stealth. To get it, you must complete the level without being seen more than 3 times by guard robots. Again, you can take as long as you like to finish.

Record Time

Next to the achievment indicators is another circle indicating your personal best time for the current level.