Attracting the Astromaggot

Summoning the AstroMaggot is the only way the Sdompe’s can move from level to level.
By collecting bubbles of marsh gas, and feeding them to the astromaggot, we can inflate it to the point where it begins to float. All the the stompies need to do then is jump on its back to get a free ride

The AstroMaggot is buried deep underground and the only way it appears is when the Sdompe’s collect enough energy orbs.

To release the energy orbs all the Sdompe’s have to do is come in close proximity to the ground where the maggot is buried.

The maggots whereabouts is illustrated by a radiating glow rising from the planets surface, this will assist you in guiding your Sdompe’s to the maggots resting place to release your energy orbs.

As the maggot receives more and more energy it will slowly emerge until it has fully risen, allowing your Sdompe’s to climb on the maggot and be transported to the next level.