Floating Stompies

If a Stompy collects too many gas bubbles it will be carried off and float away on the wind.

Although your lighter-than-air Stompy is perfectly safe inside the bubble, this can cause problems as the camera will zoom out to try and keep any floating Stompies in view.

To counter-act this, shake the Wii Remote from side to side a little, and any excess gas will be jettisoned, allowing your unwilling aeronauts to return to the ground.

There are a number of ways to avoid Stompies gathering too much gas in the first place:

  • a small group of Stompies will have trouble carrying lots of gas, gather a large herd to spread the load.
  • Carrying Stompies will pass bubbles between other non-carrying Stompies, so allow your herd to bunch up and bump into eachother every once in a while, evening out distribution.
  • once a Stompy picks up a bubble it will slow down slightly, changing direction will allow a different Stompy to overtake and collect the next bubble

One good side effect of carrying too much gas. When swimming in water a Stompy carrying a large bubble will skim accross the surface at a much higher speed than one without buoyancy aid!