A Biguana is a medium sized reptillian Monster.

Biguanas prefer dwelling in rocky, sunlit, open areas or in forests or near the shore, this helps the females who must dig holes in the sand to lay eggs in June and July. The Biguana’s vegetarian diet includes seaweed, plants, fruits, and flowers.

One of the quicker moving inhabitants of MonsTECA they are also strong swimmers and enjoy playing in the surf around the coastline.

The Biguana

One day Fate decided to make one of these creatures into an unlikely hero.

Whilst out playing in the forest when he was very young, he was attacked by a Blind Polar Dog (unusually out of it’s normal habitat, it would only become apparent much later why that was, the Dog was the servant of a cruel Robot Monster Hunter).

The Dog bit off his tail, and the infant Biguana was sure he would not make it home, he was weak and collapsed unconsious.

A mysterious stranger witnessed the attack and managed to rescue the Biguana just in time.

The mysterious stranger was in fact The Maker (see – The Maker) who took him away to his hideout and replaced his mutilated tail with a bespoke robotic tail. The Maker then nursed our hero back to health and re-united him with his family.

His parents never knew where or how the Biguana got his special tail, they were just glad to have him home, and no more was ever said about it. The other Biguanas teased him a little and this Biguana grew up knowing there was something different about him, but he would not realise the significance of this until his home was attacked by the Robots and he would be drawn into an adventure along with his best friend, a Stompy, to find The Maker and save his little brother, and possibly all the Monsters from the Robots.