MonsTECA World History

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What is MonsTECA?

A compendium of games covering a wide variety of types and scenarios. Incorporating a growth/rearing element, design/construction, and multiplayer combat. In a world populated by very large lifeforms (Monsters) and a race of Robots.

3B Bumper Bot's Box

Players could win a number of different things depending on the game being played:

  • A successfully captured monster.
  • A useful/valuable item.
  • New robot parts or tools to improve existing collection.
  • Currency to buy items.

Stock Exchange

Players will have the choice to rear captured Monsters using Robots to catch them, or manage a more environmental approach of finding creatures to befriend, and defending against Robot attack. There will be a variety of Robot types and items available for players to use as well as those associated with creatures.

All games and collected items carry a Robotisation score, depending upon a visitor’s actions their status will change, becoming more Robot-like or more Monster-like according to their overall combined scores

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