The Robots


The first Robots were originally made by The Maker (for more information see – The Maker) After crash-landing on the Monster’s Planet he made himself a Robot companion, then couldn’t help but make a few more. His mistake was to allow the Robots to build themselves.

Robot City 4

Since so many years have passed Robots have now created their own environment in the form of cities and mines. Robot consumption of world resources and materials is now of epic proportions. Collectively they view the Monsters as a nuisance and have recently been enslaving them for their own purposes. Certain types of Robot may be persuaded to think differently if it is seen to be logical to do so, but the present CPU is not exactly logical due to the degrading of his processing circuits.

There are currently 5 known different classes of Robots:


Combat is one of the CPU’s favourite occupations, therefore quite a lot of the Robots seem to fit into this category.(examples – Sentry BotImposter BotHeavy Bot)

Class - Combat

General Purpose

General Purpose Units make up the next largest proportion of the Botulation. They perform all kinds of tasks, from waste disposal to construction and mechanical repairs. But watch out, the CPU may have modified many of them for more sinister purposes as well. (example – Lifter Bot)

Class - General


Service Bots are the CPU’s main communication between himself and his Robot subjects, equipped with translation and data management software they are the administrators of the Robot world, feeding information from everywhere to anywhere. As long as all the information get’s to the CPU first he’s happy, (obviously this function of Robotisation must be failing, as the CPU is almost permanently annoyed.)

Class - Service


Digger Bots, Tree Cutters and a few other types used for de-forestation and construction of new Robotised areas. (example – Digger Bot)

Class - Terraform


Big Ships, Small Ships, Trucks, Vehicles of every kind imaginable. when it comes to methods of transportation Robots can’t help themselves, they will make anything, just because they can.

Class - Transport